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Keeping Your Pooch Healthy

Warts do not causes much harm and usually disappear in a couple of weeks. If they change color and grow in size, it calls for attention. The tumor may be malignant. It will require proper treatment or maybe a surgical removal. So, be alert and keep your pooh healthy and happy!

Household Hazards to Pets

Having a pet around the house requires one to act with greater care. Electric cords, delicious treats off the table, soap bars, medications, yard tools and many more items fail to go unnoticed to pets.

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Providing Care for a Dog with Heartworm

Heartworm is a disease with potentially fatal consequences for your dog. A particularly dangerous aspect of this disease is that visible symptoms are not manifested during the initial stage.

Vaccinations: Why Does Your Dog Need Them

Some pet owners detest the routine task of having to vaccinate their pets. They fail to see the hidden benefits of doing so. Vaccinating fortifies and strengthens your dog's body against potentially dangerous diseases and health conditions they may suffer.

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When on a Holiday!

Looking after pets when on a holiday becomes a real challenge. But, then we also do not want to leave them behind because they too are a part of our family. If you're visiting a relative, while making you most comfortable during your stay, they try to do so for your pet too. This may lead to feeding them a number of forbidden treats and table scraps. Try to ensure this does not happen. If visiting during festive season, keep an eye on your dog that he does not swallow decorations, string, ribbon, tinsel and other fancy stuff. They can choke the windpipe and food pipe creating numerous difficulties for your dog.



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Understanding Skin Problems in Dogs…

When you see your dog scratching restlessly or licking his or her body repeatedly you're off to give him a sound spanking and correct his bad habit. Little did you know that your poor pooch is doing it out of compulsion and silently suffering from a skin infection! In most cases, unawareness about dog skin problems results in worsening of the skin condition. Therefore, we have compiled a list of skin problems that dogs have to grapple with. It will help to address and treat these skin conditions effectively.

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Dog Warts

This is a common concern for pet owners whenever some health issue arises. However, you needn't worry. It is likely that your dog has developed warts. Here's an overview of dog warts - what they look like and the causes.

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Dog Diarrhea

Diarrhea in dogs may develop as mere reaction to food or a diet change and may resolve on its own. However, there are cases wherein frequent and recurring loose motions may be a signal of a serious life threatening health condition.

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